PV Kits Direct UK partners with Voltec

Voltec Solar's senior vice president Markus Schaefer
Voltec Solar’s senior vice president Markus Schaefer
European PV manufacturer Voltec Solar has expanded its presence in the UK by signing a distribution agreement with PV Kits Direct.

Voltec Solar closed 2014 reporting its most successful year ever with turnover doubling since 2013.

PV Kits Direct managing director, Laura Gooden, said: “Voltec Solar PV panels have been in the UK for more than two years. The brand is getting more and more known and system owners as well as installers trust the quality of the product and stability of the company.”

Co-founder and senior vice president of Voltec Solar, Markus Schaefer, added: “We are very pleased to further enlarge our distribution base in the UK market with the help of PV Kits Direct. We are certain that this partnership will help us a lot to grow our sales in the UK substantially and also to help accelerate the growth path of PV Kits Direct.”