Solarlec heralds over performing PV system

Solarlec solar panels
Solarlec has applauded the results of a recent performance test on one of the first ever PV systems installed in the UK.

The domestic system in Nottinghamshire was expected to be 20 percent less efficient 20 years on, but had in fact only deteriorated by five percent.

So far, the system fitted at The Autonomous House in Southwell has produced 33MWh over its 20 year lifespan, saving nearly £5,495 on electricity bills at today’s prices.

Burnley-based Solarlec says this is fantastic news for today’s solar-powered homes and businesses.

Director Ged Rowbottom said: “Solar is still in its relative infancy so its incredibly reassuring for customers to know their systems can perform above and beyond expectations far into the future.

“Two decades ago, it was impossible to imagine the impact solar would have on our lives – we have to thank early adopters like the owners of Autonomous House for leading the way.”