Ecotricity donates £250k to Labour

Green energy supplier Ecotricity is donating £250,000 to the Labour Party’s 2015 election campaign, in support of its strong environmental stance.

Company founder Dale Vince said: “One of the biggest deceits of this government was the claim that green energy support was at the root of high and rising energy bills – the claim behind David Cameron’s infamous ‘let’s cut the green crap’ quote.  The truth is that despite the recent price cuts, energy bills almost doubled in the past ten years mainly as a result of the rise in the global price of fossil fuels – not support for green energy.

“Before the last election, David Cameron promised to lead the greenest government ever – his retreat from that appears to be one of a series of moves designed to protect his party from the threat of UKIP – he’s put his party before the country not just on the issue of green business but also on Europe.  It would be a disaster for Britain to leave Europe.  We face not just that possibility but the consequential break up of the UK.  It’s a nightmare scenario.

“This election presents a clear choice between two very different kinds of government with two different visions of Britain.  The vision we support is of a green Britain with a strong green economy at the heart of Europe.”