Voltec signs partnership with Greentrader24

voltec 3
Markus Schaefer, Voltec Solar
Voltec Solar has expanded its presence in the UK by signing a partnership agreement with distributor Greentrader24.

Greentrader24 managing director, Mark Wilke, said: “Voltec PV panels have been in the UK for more than two years and now is a good time to join forces and lift their presence in the UK to the next level. We believe that our customers will appreciate the quality of the product and the stability of the company and that it will help us to generate interest with new customers. Voltec Solar offer a 20-year product warranty and homeowners find comfort in this as it matches the lifetime of the FIT as well as the guarantee on our micro-inverter range.”

Co-founder and senior vice president of French-German Voltec Solar, Markus Schaefer, added: “At Voltec Solar we are very pleased to strengthen our position in the UK market with the help of the distribution power of Greentrader24 and Solen Energy UK. Their nationwide distribution capacity and their e-commerce platform will lead to an increased awareness and demand for our brand. We are certain that this partnership will help us a lot to further build our brand in the UK and also to help accelerate the growth path of Greentrader24.”