Training is key to biomass performance, warns Rural Energy

Rural Energy MD Paul Clark
Rural Energy MD Paul Clark

Rural Energy is calling for more emphasis on training to combat a recent DECC report, which questions the efficiency of biomass boilers.

The Leicestershire-based company argues that a better understanding of system design and variables affecting boiler performance from installers will eliminate any inefficiencies highlighted in the report.

It adds that, in most instances, lower than expected boiler performance  can be attributed to poor system design and maintenance, issues easily remedied through training and working with a reputable supplier.

Guidance can also be sought from CIBSE’s recent publication AM15: Biomass Heating.

“For the UK to develop a successful, long-term renewable energy supply, we need to adopt a mixture of technologies – selecting the most appropriate solution for each application,” said Paul Clark, managing director of Rural Energy.

“It’s important to remember that the renewables sector is still relatively young and, as with all new technologies, there is necessarily a learning period while best practice is established.”

He added: “The biomass market, however, has matured more quickly than others, so it’s essential that the more experienced players set the standard for the industry by sharing the knowledge and experience they have built up. Establishing a well-trained and highly skilled workforce is critical to protecting the reputation of the industry as a whole, as well as ensuring the distribution network has the capability to deliver the standard of installation that is expected.”