SMA hits the road with Commercial Roadshow

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SMA Solar UK will be travelling across the country throughout February and March with its new Commercial Roadshow.

Touring eight venues, each stop will include hands-on SMA Sunny Design demonstrations, with a focus on the new SMA commercial solution portfolio, aimed at three phase commercial rooftop applications.

According to SMA, the content of all sessions will cover how rooftop applications are affected by energy consumption data and load profiling. It will also present how monitoring and export limitation solutions can help generate new business opportunities and assist installers in offering the most competitive solution for their customer’s application.

“Staying informed is critical for solar professionals in a constantly evolving and highly competitive industry,” said Jan Van Laethem, regional manager SMA Western Europe.

“In this regard, SMA Solar UK has tailored its business strategy to meet the requirements of the UK commercial rooftop market by offering flexible and cost-effective solutions, guaranteeing the largest possible return.”

The Commercial Roadshow stops include:

  • February 10th Milton Keynes
  • February 11th Bristol       
  • February 12th  Paignton
  • February 26th Paignton
  • March 16th Milton Keynes
  • March 18th Oldham       
  • March 19th Mansfield

Registration is available online by clicking here.