Qualitick merges with ASC Renewables

Chester-based Qualitick has merged with ASC Renewables.

Established in 2010, Qualitick provides certification, consultancy services and software solutions via brands including EasyMCS, EasyRSS and EasyGreenDeal.

ASC works with public and private sector clients to identify energy saving and generation opportunities using technologies including wind, solar and lighting.

ASC says the acquisition will help propel the company towards achieving its goals whilst allowing it to offer a greater range of sustainability products and services.

Stephen Critchlow, chairman of ASC Renewables, added: “With Qualitick now part of the group, it will enable our customers to be served better with new products and services that will drive the sustainability agenda.

“Working with and supporting the companies that sell and install energy saving sustainable solutions will enable many UK homeowners to enjoy the reduced costs from sustainable living and preserve the planet for generations to come. The social impact from this initiative will be enormous.”

Qualitick sales director, Thomas Farquhar, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to confirm this merger. The decision to merge with ASC Renewables results in greater growth potential and opportunities for expansion, for both Qualitick and the other divisions within ASC. There are strong synergies between us and the other divisions within the group and the opportunities for achieving our combined vision are tremendous.

“This development with ASC Renewables Group will allow us to continue offering market leading services to our customers and continue to improve the support and software solutions we provide as part of this.”