PassivSystems launch PassivLiving HEAT

PassivSystems has today announced the launch of new low-cost hardware for its PassivLiving HEAT smart heating service.

The new range of hardware devices is designed to provide better in-building communication making it quicker and more cost effective to replace existing heating controls with PassivLiving HEAT. Combined with the new animated App, PassivSystems says the remote controls offer consumers a far superior experience and savings of up to 23 percent on their energy bills.

The wireless enabled devices have been designed to work with 99 percent of boilers, heat pumps and some makes of biomass boilers making the PassivLiving HEAT Thermostat and HVAC switch an option for housing associations, landlords and private homeowners.

The new 868Mhz frequency wireless controls and PassivHub come pre-joined making installation quicker and easier. Installation time is now less than an hour with some Combi installations taking little more than 30 minutes. The new activation wizard has lessened any administrative burden from the installer.

The device is being made available to resellers at a new low cost of £160, excluding VAT.

Commenting on PassivLiving HEAT, Ian Puddick of the London Boiler Company, said: “We believe this is the best system on the market, reliable, easy to use and excellent back up.”