Yorkshire Heat Pumps predicts rush for renewables

Michael Wright 2mins with
Businesses are being urged to take advantage of the non-domestic RHI before tariffs fall again.

Michael Wright, from Yorkshire Heat Pumps, has made his appeal following Ofgem’s announcement that there will be a 10 percent reduction in payments for installations registered after January 01 2015.

“Degressions are expected to continue throughout 2015, so organisations considering a switch to a renewable energy heating system would be wise to consider acting sooner rather than later,” said Wright.

“One word of warning, though: in the rush to get a system installed and the application submitted, businesses should not take shortcuts. They should satisfy themselves that the system they plan to install is correctly specified for their needs and is robust enough to last the 20 years of their RHI payments. We have heard of installations where boiler selection was based on availability rather than suitability for the job!”

Michael added: “On the plus side, despite the fact non-domestic RHI tariffs are steadily coming down, it’s important to remember that switching to a renewable technology will continue to make financial sense. In particular businesses that are off the gas grid will see a substantial difference in running costs compared with LPG, oil and coal.”