John Holloway Contracts Director of TSG Building Services PLC.
John Holloway is TSG’s renewables director

REI: What have you got planned for 2015?
JH: Our immediate aim is to promote the RHI to our customers and provide support and guidance through the RHI process. This will lead to an increase in the volume of renewable technology installations, which continues to remain at the forefront of our business plan. We are a forward thinking company and we are planning to expand on the range of technologies that we can install and maintain. This will be achieved through the upskilling of our engineers. We will be promoting the installation of LED lighting to our customers and the benefits this can bring.

What do you see as the growth areas for renewables?
As public awareness increases we are predicting a growth in the replacement of oil boilers and direct electric heating systems, which are coming towards the end of their life cycle. Furthermore, we believe that more consumers will take advantage of the RHI as awareness is increasing. Within the commercial sector we see customers taking advantage of Enhanced Capital Allowance to assist in the reduction of renewable installation costs.

How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
Transport has been a big focus for us for several years. Our vehicle fleet is regularly reviewed and we have reduced Co2 emissions from 158 to 149. We are currently trialling electric vehicles to analyse the benefits this could bring to the business. We also use vehicle tracking software to further reduce fuel consumption. We have installed Solar thermal and PV at our office and we are in the process of installing LED lighting with movement sensors to reduce our carbon footprint further.