Entrepreneurial womens’ network set up for renewables

A new network, which aims to challenge the assumption that renewable energy it is simply a male-dominated industry, was kickstarted last week at a south west low-carbon event.

Entrepreneurial Women in Renewable Energy (EWiRE), an initiative that has been driven by Regen SW events manager Rachel Hayes, was launched at the Annual Renewable Futures conference in Bath in front of some of the industry’s most successful businesses.

It was a particularly significant day for EWiRE as the enterprise also received formal notification that it has gained funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for the first phase of its development.

Rachel is now urging all ambitious women in the UK renewable energy industry to connect with the network and raise the profile of women in what is often perceived as a male dominated area of business.

“Despite having some exceptional high-profile women working in the energy industry, there is still a huge imbalance, with men filling the majority of the highest positions in successful companies,” she said.

“As a modern, growing industry it’s imperative that we address this and encourage more women to rise to the top and be represented in not only senior management roles but also as board members of small to medium-sized enterprises that make up the majority of the energy market.”

Gareth Redmond from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said: “Can I congratulate the Entrepreneurial Women in Renewables Initiative. If DECC can help lend its support we would love to.”

The group’s first meeting as a formal network – an event with the opportunity to meet up with other like-minded women – will take place at the end of January 2015.

Any women that are already in or would like to become involved in the renewable energy industry should contact Rachel Hayes at, 01392 494399.