PassivSystems hit 20,000 PV monitoring mark

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PassivSystems is celebrating the milestone achievement of installing over 20,000 versions of its PV monitoring product – PassivPro.

PassivSystems has also signed contracts to install a further 30,000 systems over the next 12 months via a mixture of direct sales and partnerships with PV installers such as Freetricity.

CEO and founder of PassivSystems, Colin Calder, said: “We are delighted to be announcing our 50,000th PassivPro order milestone. This milestone not only serves as a testament to the significant benefits that PassivPro can bring solar PV owners and managers, but also the successful execution of our marketing and distribution strategy.

“The recent increase in order volume also serves as a positive gauge for the renewable energy industry as a whole, indicating how the combined support of business and the government has really pushed this industry forward in recent years.”