4Eco signs infrared partnership

4Eco has announced a strategic partnership with Herschel Far Infrared Heaters. The new agreement will see the two companies share R&D insight, customer feedback and product innovation.

The arrangement will see both companies promote the combined installation of 4Eco’s renewable energy diversion system – the immerSUN – alongside Herschel’s range of far infrared heating panels.

Pairing the immerSUN with far infrared heating technology, which uses radiant energy transfer to heat objects rather than the room, is said to allow homeowners with renewable setups to consume 100 percent of self-generated energy providing a significant combined reduction in heating and hot water bills for the typical household.

By integrating the use of both products, consumers will be able to almost eliminate reliance on the National Grid for heating and hot water requirements, alongside significantly lowering their household carbon footprint.

“As the market leader in certified microgen diversion technologies, we’re committed to helping consumers get the most from their investment in renewable technology, as well as making the greatest possible energy and cost savings in the home,” said Jodi Huggett, innovation director at 4Eco.

“We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of capability and leading the way in highly-efficient renewable gadgets, which is why we made the decision to enter a strategic partnership with Herschel. This exciting venture will allow us to not only share expertise and innovation from ongoing R&D investment to collaboratively deliver new and exciting renewable energy solutions for consumers nationwide, but also ensure homeowners can become more resource-efficient in their homes.”

Paul Morey, CEO of Herschel Far Infrared, added: “The ImmerSUN occupies a key position between clean energy generation technologies and the low-energy appliances that can use them.  We are delighted that 4Eco saw the value of Herschel Far Infrared as the best value low energy heating technology and that they came to us as the market leader to be their partner of choice. Herschel is dedicated to providing consumers with the most energy efficient heating solutions available at the most competitive cost. We supply the world’s largest range of far infrared heaters for the broadest possible range of applications. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with 4Eco and in bringing the benefits of the combination of our technologies to benefit consumers.”