Purplex launch lead generation platform

Go Jack Russell
A new marketing service has been launched by Purplex Marketing to help installers promote their business and generate leads.

The online platform uses a consumer database of 29 million UK households to print and send personalised drop-card mailers directly to neighbours around any given address.

The service can be accessed by installers at, where they’ll need to register their details and upload their logo. Next they select a card template, choosing from a range of designs created by Purplex.

All that’s left is to add the project address and decide how many cards to send, and will automatically select the properties closest to the address, with neighbours receiving their personalised drop-card in 3 – 5 working days.

Sean Scott, account manager at Purplex, said: “Most installers know that drop-cards around an installation helps to promote their business.  Homeowners can see the work for themselves, and receiving a Royal Mail delivered, personalised mailer card builds trust and credibility. Even if it doesn’t generate leads immediately, many people will keep hold of the card for future reference, so it’s a brilliant all-round marketing tool.”