Panasonic offer Virtual Solar Platform

Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe has announced a partnership with solar platform Generaytor to launch an interactive service for UK homeowners.


The virtual platform is designed to provide homeowners with a clear estimate of how much of their day-to-day needs can be powered by a solar system, the financial earnings they can expect from Panasonic solar modules, and the investment required to go solar.

Users will also be introduced to Generaytor’s vibrant solar community, giving them insight into how solar systems are performing on houses within their general vicinity as well as specific, neighbouring homes.

“UK homeowners continue to show tremendous enthusiasm for solar, with 500,000 homes now having solar panels installed on their roofs,” said Daniel Roca, UK country manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe.

“This partnership empowers those UK residents who have not yet installed a solar system to virtually experience the energy benefits, as well as the upfront costs, of going solar based on local community knowledge. Given the quality of our panels, we’re extremely confident that this ‘try before you buy’ approach will provide an excellent platform to demonstrate just how beneficial our systems are for the UK market.”

“We see compelling evidence across the UK that solar is moving toward a tipping point,” said Amit Rosner, CEO of Generaytor.

“We believe that combining Panasonic’s state of the art HIT® modules, with the knowledge, resources, and empowerment offered by our community, will accelerate solar