Green Party talks renewable policy with industry leaders

Renewable Dinner Dialogue with the Green Party
Members of the UK’s renewables industry joined with key Green Party politicians at The Cavendish Hotel, Central London, on Wednesday 15 October to discuss the future of the UK’s energy policies.

Thirty three industry leaders, including representatives of 4Navitas, Energy4 All, Good Energy, Ecotricity and RES, discussed the barriers that currently prevent the UK achieving a high level deployment of renewable energy and what can be done politically to overcome those barriers.

Green Party hosted the event, where up to 60 leaders of renewable energy around the UK sat on ‘discussion tables’ with Green Party politicians and leaders, to debate various types of renewable energy and the main barriers to their deployment.

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, said: “It was great to hear their enthusiasm for the possibilities of renewables, and disappointing, although not surprising, to hear how often government policy is a barrier to developing renewable energy. It is clear that we need a stable, sensible framework that doesn’t U-turn with the political winds.”

Green Party says it is reaching out to the renewable energy industry to open discussions with the sector and ask it what more can be done to help. It already has representation in Parliament and the House of Lords, and has overtaken the Liberal Democrats according to the latest Ashcroft Poll.

Concepts from the use of biogas in grids and transport, through to advanced wave, tidal and offshore wind were discussed in detail, as was the nuclear vs renewables, debate. Another key message fed back from the dinner was the industry felt it had no voice in Parliament. Green Party intends to become the voice of the renewable industry in Parliament, and support renewables within government.