Grant UK launch ThermaWave

Grant DHW Thermal Store
Grant UK has launched its ThermaWave series of thermal stores, allowing multiple heat sources to be connected with a 3kW immersion heater back-up.

The Grant ThermaWave is available in three variations: open-vented with solar coil, open vented with solar and DHW coils and sealed system with solar and DHW coils.

The stores range in size from 250-500 litres with 40mm injected polyurethane foam insulation to ensure low standing heat loss.

“Thanks to ThermaWave, a homeowner can have a gas or oil fired boiler connected to a solid fuel appliance and also a renewable heat source. Underfloor heating system manifolds as well as radiator circuits can also be directly connected to the store,” said Anna Wakefield, marketing manager for Grant UK.