BPVA launch ‘Powering Knowledge’

The British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) and Rated Solar Installer have teamed up to launch a campaign to help install solar PV on school rooftops across the UK – Powering Knowledge.

With schools paying over £500m in energy bills per year, Powering Knowledge will be working closely with DECC and the Department for Education to help some of the UK’s 22,000 schools reduce their electricity bills.

Schools have a number of financial solutions available to them to enable installations at no upfront cost, including Power Purchasing Agreement, crowd funded finance or community share schemes.

Reza Shaybani, chairman of BPVA, said: “We are delighted to be in the forefront of yet another important activity in our industry helping schools to reduce their energy bills. We are offering schools across the UK the opportunity to install and benefit from FREE solar PV systems, which will help schools to reduce energy bills and enable them spend more money on education as well as reducing carbon emissions making our schools “Greener”.

“The benefits are tremendous for each school individually, as everyone wins by Powering Knowledge; Students, schools, local residents, and even local and central government that no longer have to face ever increasing electricity prices. The great thing about this programme, is that it is simple to use, as well as being totally suitable for all types of schools from Local Authority (LEA), to academy status and independent schools.”

Amber Rudd, climate change minister, said: “Solar can not only help schools to take control of their energy bills but is also a wonderful way of engaging pupils, teachers and parents around helping the environment too.

“Earlier this year, my Department announced a new initiative to encourage England and Wales’ 22,000 schools to fit solar panels and cut a cumulative energy spend of around £500 million.

“The BPVA’s Powering Knowledge campaign will ensure even more schools know about the benefits of installing solar and I welcome today’s announcement.”

N.B Friends of the Earth have issued the following clarification on their reported involvement in the scheme which reads: “Friends of the Earth is not working with the BPVA in any way.

“For details of our Run on Sun campaign and to see how a school in your neighbourhood could win free solar panels, visit our website”