4Eco gets TV treatment

4Eco’s immerSUN microgeneration switching device has been featured in Channel 4’s Double Your House for Half the Money.

The immerSUN was chosen by Sheffield homeowner Russ Hunt to complement other energy saving measures in his three-bed property including new insulation, double glazing and a 3.2kW PV system.

“The immerSUN works in partnership with solar setups, monitoring renewable supply and diverting surplus power, which would normally be exported to the grid, to storage and space heaters,” said Russ.

“This reduces energy usage significantly and ensures that our solar panels are always powering our home, rather than exporting green energy back to the energy companies.

“By doing this, we have managed to not only lower the build’s carbon footprint and meet the latest sustainable building regulations, but we’ve also dramatically reduced our utility bills. In fact, since installing the energy-saving measures, we’ve lowered our annual energy expenditure by nearly £1,000 per year.”