EasySolar develops cloud-based PV design app

EasySolar has developed what is says is the first PV design software which uses cloud technology

Available from everywhere but still safe
Using cloud technology means all projects are stored globally on server and not on local devices. This means that data is accessible from any place, provided there is access to the internet. Furthermore, the number of projects which can be saved on the app is almost unlimited. They can be easily shared with chosen users, modified and managed.

Available on many platforms
The app is accessible from smartphones, laptops and and tablets.

Unique functionalities
Use of the app is completely free.  The extended version allows users to generate the final, professional report. Other functionalities include gyroscope, GPS and camera. Using GPS data, the app finds the location to present irradiance data and other parameters for specific longitude.The output data for the algorithm applied in the irradiation base is direct irradiation on horizontal plane for specific latitude and longitude. Horizontal, diffused and direct irradiation are provided by NASA resources.

Irradiation analysis made by software is based on determining the correction coefficient that allows to calculate the actual amount of solar energy arriving to the module with specific orientation and inclination. Furthermore, including all energy losses due to actual module temperature, dirt, cables means that the simulation of output production is even more accurate.

Time and money savings 
Quick modification, better communication and professional reports mean time and money savings. Customers can also be consulted any time improving client contact.

Subscription is available at www://