Plumbing & heating industry on the up, says Uponor

Research by Uponor suggests that optimism in UK plumbing industry is on the rise.
Research by Uponor has shown that optimism is rapidly rising within the plumbing and heating trades with 90 percent of installers enthusiastic about the year ahead.

In the survey of Uponor’s supplier network, 45 per cent of respondents thought that the biggest factor affecting their business would be customers wanting more efficient systems to help them to save money, while over half (52 percent) said simply the recovering economy.

Interestingly, installers also responded to say that there is a shift in demand for different technologies with 73 per cent of installers highlighting UFH as a key solution in the year ahead. This was closely followed by heat pumps and solar thermal with 59 percent and 39 percent respectively. CHP and cooling technologies however featured bottom, with less than 1 per cent of the vote each.

Chris Greaves, head of offerings and markets at Uponor UK said: “It is no surprise that as the house building and construction markets begin to improve, installers’ order books also expand as more and more homeowners have the extra cash to invest in new heating systems or extensions.

“The research provides a great snapshot of the plumbing industry and the rising optimism within the market. What’s great to see is the rising importance of technologies such as UFH but also the need for education within the marketplace.

Chris added: “Many European countries already utilise UFH systems for both heating and cooling, so if temperatures continue to rise here in the UK, as predicted, it could be an interesting new development for the plumbing industry.”