Helping hand

The wait is over – the RHI has finally arrived and customers are now looking to apply for the incentive; what does this mean for the installers? And how can they ensure they are meeting the requirements for the DRHI? MCS has listed some information below to help you and your customers

Customers will be relying on their MCS certificate to be correct when applying for the RHI and therefore, the installer must ensure the certificate is filled out appropriately. For example, installers need to make sure that if they select ‘no’ for metering on the compliance certificate that they make the same selection on the MCS database – any differences between the two would render the customers RHI application being rejected.

Installers are only permitted to retrospectively create certificates for installations that they carried out whilst certified by MCS. If you are approached by a customer who does not have a certificate and their installer (provided they were MCS certified at the time) has ceased trading, please refer them to the MCS helpdesk.

MCS recently updated the Installation Database (MID) making the questions more technology specific, and adding an additional compliance certificate for the heat based technologies. However, these changes will not be compulsory for legacy installations. Therefore for heat pumps, the SPF will automatically be deemed to be 2.5 for legacy installations. However customers will have the option to commission MCS certified installers to recalculate this figure. Installers will need to use the OFGEM SPF calculator which can be found at

The DRHI rules state that all customers (except those who own a self-build home) must have had a Green Deal assessment to qualify for the RHI. The Ofgem website provides further information on the classifications of self-build and new build homes.

Installers may have heard of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), and the Biomass Sustainability rules will be introduced in autumn 2014. Customers will need to ensure that any biomass fuel they use after autumn is listed on the BSL. Please visit for more information.

Installations all need to be meter ready, and it is important for all installers to read the MCS Domestic RHI Metering Guidance Document, found on the MCS website.

More detailed information about the Domestic RHI and the application process can be found on the Ofgem site (