YouGen to host live RHI Q&A session

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Renewable energy consumer website will be hosting a live online Q&A session with representatives from DECC from 2-3pm on Monday 28 July.

The session will focus on the recently launched domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Nine experts from DECC, plus YouGen staff will be standing by to answer questions.

“Renewable heat is a relatively new and complex area and exists to help householders make informed decisions about which system, if any, is appropriate for their home,” said  editor Tasha Kosviner.

“From biomass boilers, to solar thermal panels and heat pumps, the renewable heat incentive is designed to help to ease the financial burden of installing a new system. Whilst we warmly welcome the initiative, it is important for households to realise that making the right choice about which system to install is paramount – a system which is not eligible for RHI or one that is inappropriate for the home, can be a disaster for homeowners.

“We warmly welcome the RHI and are delighted that DECC has chosen YouGen to help spread the word and simplify the message about renewable energy.”

Among topics likely to come up at the online Q&A session are:
– What RHI is; which systems are eligible; how much incentive different systems are likely to achieve; how to go about applying
– Issues around eligibility requirements for the scheme for those who installed systems before the RHI launched
– What the metering and monitoring package is
– What the biomass suppliers list is and what it means for owners of biomass boilers

To take part, questions can be emailed to