Waxman stocks Honey Module

270w Honey Module
Waxman Energy has recently introduced the new ‘Honey Module’ by brand partner Trina Solar to its product range.

The ‘Honey Module’ is a monocrystalline 270w black frame solar PV panel consisting of 60 cells. It is said to work well under low light and on applications with limited space available, making it suitable for domestic installations.

It has a longstanding linear power warranty of 25 years, as well as a 10 year product warranty, helping guarantee the end user to see performance of no less than 80 percent in the module’s 25 year life span.

Richard Waxman, chairman of Waxman Group, said: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of promoting Trina’s new 270 module, where we can see excellent opportunities in both the commercial and domestic fields. Trina’s technical prowess, combined with their huge economiesof scale, makes them, without question, one of the biggest players in today’s world solar PV market, one which we are very happy to be associated with.”