Logic4training launch new apprenticeship

Logic4training, in association with Luton Borough Council’s Adult Learning service, has launched a new apprenticeship program.

The scheme works with a number of industry specialists to deliver apprenticeships in a wide range of disciplines. Lindy Lloyd, business and skills manager for Luton Adult Learning described the partnership with Logic4training to be particularly successful.

She said: “It has ensured that apprentices are recruited to ‘real jobs’ not just work placements; with over 85 percent being taken on as a full time employee following completion of their apprenticeship.”

The first group of gas apprentices started this June, some of whom are employed by Sunrealm Heating. Derek Finan, Sunrealm Heating’s gas and quality manager, explained why his company was supporting the new scheme: “Logic4training’s program has particular appeal as it is designed specifically to meet the needs of the gas industry.”

The service is looking for local and national businesses to take an interest. Logic4training’s program development manager said: “We’re urging related companies to consider taking on an apprentice; it’s a cost-effective way of finding staff and by choosing our program, not only will apprentices be trained to the highest standard, the likelihood of this relationship delivering long-term is increased dramatically.”