UK PV generation rises 77 percent in 12 months

New government figures published this week have revealed that compared to this time last year solar generation is up 77 percent.

Greater uptake of solar power led to generation in 2013 increasing by over one half compared with 2012.

Renewable electricity capacity was 20.8 GW at the end of the first quarter of 2014, a 15 per cent increase on a year earlier. Two-thirds of the increase compared to the first quarter of 2013 was due to new, mainly large-scale, solar photovoltaic capacity.

Solar Trade Association Chief Executive Paul Barwell said: “These figures show how quickly the UK solar industry has developed to make a significant contribution to our energy needs.

“Solar is a secure, home-grown solution to Britain’s twin crises of security of supply and spiralling energy bills.

“Pulling the rug out from under the UK’s second cheapest mainstream renewable will just mean more public spending on more expensive alternatives.

“The cost of solar has fallen by 65 percent since the coalition came to power. But if this coalition government holds solar back, we risk losing momentum on cost reduction and job creation. We are close to being subsidy-free, all we need is one final push.”