REA tells EU leaders to set national renewables targets

The REA is calling on prime minister David Cameron and fellow EU leaders to acknowledge the role of national 2030 renewable energy targets for improving energy security.

The 2030 energy and climate change framework is currently being debated by EU leaders at a meeting of the European Council in Brussels.

REA chief executive Dr Nina Skorupska said: “Renewables and energy efficiency are the best no-regrets options for both reducing exposure to international energy market shocks and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They should be at the heart of the EU strategies to address both energy security and climate change. The most cost-effective way to do this that gives investors most certainty is with nationally binding 2030 targets.”

STA chief executive Paul Barwell added: “(Renewable energy) targets will be important even when subsidy is no longer needed, as other areas such as planning and grid access will still require supportive government policies to fully realise the potential for solar power to deliver secure and cheap green energy to UK homes, businesses and community groups.”