NICEIC applauds Green Deal changes

green deal
The revamped Green Deal cashback scheme is good news for installers as well as homeowners, according to certification body NICEIC.

In May this year DECC announced new incentives for householders in England and Wales, with up to £7,600 cashback available for those installing energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

“Whilst the benefits to homeowners have been well documented the new scheme is also good news for Green Deal installers,” commented Dani Putney, sector specialist at NICEIC.

“Installers can now directly access the cash back fund on behalf of their customers without the need to go through a Green Deal provider.

“This has simplified the whole process and means installers can pick up work from householders without the need to have a sub-contract in place with a provider.”

To benefit from the new scheme authorised Green Deal installers need to register for the GDHIF (Green Deal Home Improvement Fund) by signing up and returning the scheme terms and conditions to the scheme administrator (DECC).

Once they have signed up they will be able to offer the enhanced incentives to householders. The new incentives offered to households is broken down into: £1,000 for installing two measures from an approved list of renovations, £100 is available as a refund for the initial assessment and £6,000 is on offer for installing solid wall insulation. Those who’ve bought their property within 12 months are also eligible for a further £500.