New APHC president speaks out against rogue traders

Andrew Crookes' speech cropped
Newly appointed president for the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Andrew Crookes has used his inaugural speech to highlight highlighted initiatives that APHC are working on to tackle the rogue trader.

Speaking at Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield on 14 June, he said: “We are putting significant resource into lobbying government and related organisations to introduce mechanisms to differentiate quality competent contractors from rogue traders in the industry.

“In the gas industry, there is clear evidence to indicate that approximately 50 percent of all gas work undertaken by illegal installers falls into the classification of being dangerous, these figures have now been fully quantified and are available. As a result we are working on an initiative with key members of the gas supply chain, including manufacturers and merchants, to place greater focus on clearly promoting the use of registered installers to the consumer and the potential consequences of not doing so. As part of the initiative we are also proposing to incentivise the use of registered installers by limiting manufacturer warranties on installation work undertaken by the non-registered”.