Eurobiostove announce full MCS accreditation

Eurobiostove is pleased to announce that its entire range of Bronpi biomass heaters and boilers are now fully MCS accredited.

This covers a range of biomass boilers from 14 – 34 Kw covering product options from single residences to multiple small residential or light commercial/industrial use.

The significance of the accreditation announcement means that anyone now replacing an existing boiler with a Bronpi biomass boiler becomes eligible for RHI payments.

David Baines, md of Eurobiostoves, said: “The two main incentives for initially installing a biomass boiler are the eco credentials over conventional heating fuel and the approximately 30 percent overall heating savings which will repay the installation investment in 3 – 4 years.

“Installation is straightforward and more advanced models have large pellet hoppers or can be connected to existing pellet stores by gravity feed. The latest range of integrated boilers is equipped with auto cleaning of the crucible and heat exchanger-turbulators meaning less intervention is needed by the homeowner.”