Two minutes with 4Eco

  • Jodi Huggett - 4EcoWho are you?
Jodi Huggett, business development director at 4Eco

  • What do you do?

We manufacture and sell the immerSUN, power control device for PV and wind. The immerSUN can be installed into homes or businesses, and to divert excess power from microgen systems directly to immersion, space or storage heaters instead of exporting back to the National Grid.

  • Where are you?

We’re based in the Lincolnshire Wolds

  • How’s business at the moment?

Our next generation immerSUN, released six months ago, is selling fast. Customers have been delighted with how much money they’re saving on their energy bills.

  • How could business be better?

It’s an interesting time for renewables right now, however, some of the chancellor’s recent statements seem like a u-turn from the ‘greenest government ever’. I think that the public are taking it upon themselves to invest in green technology now, meaning there’s a tangible ‘renewables’ zeitgeist.

  • Who do you admire in renewables?

Steve Howard, IKEA’s head of sustainability. He pushed for the company to become the first big business to really challenge itself environmentally. I saw him speak at a conference recently and he really inspired me.

  • What’s the best business advice you have received?

The customer is undoubtedly the most important part of your business; so it’s important to never lose sight of what the customer wants.

  • How are you going green?

All of our packaging is sustainable. We’re expanding our headquarters too, installing LED lighting and a wood-burning stove. We’re also installing solar PV panels, which we’ll use alongside our immerSUN, of course!