Q&A – Kevin Arthur, Oxford PV


What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?
We’ll be pushing ahead towards a power conversion efficiency of 20 percent and working on achieving the stability that is needed for our PV technology to be incorporated into buildings. At the same time, we will be exploring the utility market and will also be launching a pretty major funding round. The team is likely to expand by another 15-10 people too. It’s going to be a busy nine months!

What do you see as the growth areas for renewables?
Well, clearly, I think solar power is the future. The construction industry used 51 million tonnes of flat glass in 2013 and the potential for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in facades is enormous. This applies to both in new schemes and to the retrofit market, where new energy-generating skins will replace out-of-date facades on existing low efficiency buildings.
Renewable energy across the board (wind, wave etc) will continue to grow. New and efficient electricity storage solutions will be key; these will transform the whole market and especially solar.

How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
By developing low cost and efficient solar cells that can ultimately change the make-up of the global energy market and the UK’s role in it.
The Science Park on which we’re based is committed to reducing carbon and has installed a solar array, but ultimately it is our core activity that will make the real difference.

Kevin Arthur is Oxford PV’s ceo