Final reminder

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This month’s column is to remind installers and manufacturers regarding the extension of the deadline for the implementation of MCS 012, and use of compliant products under the MCS scheme

MCS 012 is designed to provide ongoing independent, third party assessment and approval of companies who wish to demonstrate that their pitched roof installation kits or components meet and continue to meet the requirements of this standard.

Please note, the requirements of this Standard are not applicable to installations on flat roofs which will be covered by a separate Standard.

Earlier this year, MCS reviewed the situation in advance of the original 31 March implementation date for MCS 012. It was found that, whilst a significant number of applications for the MCS 012 certification of pitched roof installation kits and components have been received by Certification Bodies; just 21 products had been certificated as MCS 012 compliant at time of writing.

As a result of this small number of approved products confirmed as being certified for use, and uncertainty over the timing for completion of testing, certification and listing of products currently in the certification process, it has been agreed by MCS that the mandatory implementation date of MCS 012 will be delayed by three months to June 30th 2014.

MCS has taken this decision to protect installers who may have found themselves with a dramatically reduced number of MCS 012 certified products available for use on projects from 1st April.

The June 30 deadline will not be extended.

Those manufacturers who have already obtained certification and correct registration by 31 March are commended for their professional approach and timely works to achieve compliance.

Manufacturers who have not yet achieved compliance are urged to complete their works with utmost urgency.