UrbanWind chief questions Cameron’s commitment to renewables

Paul McCullagh, chief executive of UrbanWind
Paul McCullagh, chief executive of UrbanWind
Paul McCullagh, ceo of Glasgow-based UrbanWind, has called for prime minister David Cameron to “show some much needed leadership and make a clear commitment to renewable technology” following the conclusions of yesterday’s IPCC report.

The IPPC announced this weekend that preventing catastrophic climate change requires an ‘urgent’ switch from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

He said: “It might be politically easy for the government to pretend wind energy won’t help the climate or our power generation needs, but while it may win some votes in the short term, Britain will be the loser in the long run.”

He added the government now needed to show its strong and unequivocal support for wind power.

“Abandoning green policies and initiatives that are taking us towards a low carbon economy may be a good general election soundbite – for a government under fire from a reinvigorated UKIP – but is a step backwards in all senses,” Mr McCullagh continued.

“Three key elements of policy are required for an effective response to the challenge of climate change: carbon pricing, technology policy and energy efficiency.

“The technology policy should drive the large-scale developments and the growth of a range of low-carbon and high-efficiency products.

“If we don’t get the energy generation mix right and we don’t take climate change seriously, we will be leaving a truly frightening legacy for future generations to come.”