Macquarie signs PV monitoring contract with PassivSystems

Rooftop panels 2
PassivSystems has been awarded an exclusive contract with a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie to provide the monitoring of its ‘free solar PV’ roll-out campaign.

Macquarie will fund the installation of solar PV systems on an initial 20,000-25,000 residential properties, providing free daytime electricity at no cost to the end users. 

PassivPro, the irradiance-adjusted solar PV monitoring platform from PassivSystems, will remotely capture generation data and provide alerts of any intermittent faults, as well as in-depth analysis of the portfolio to safeguard these assets and maximise solar PV yields for Macquarie and its installers.

Colin Calder, ceo and founder of PassivSystems, said: “The way in which organisations monitor their solar PV systems can make the difference between an investment fully realised and an investment exposed to unnecessary risk.  The rooftop PV systems managed on the PassivPro platform will provide consumers with green, sustainable energy and help to reduce their energy bills.  With energy bills rising, this partnership with Macquarie will see us provide households with free rooftop PV and could not have come at a better time for consumers.”