Installers can transform the nations, says Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury with Plumb Center’s renewables director Simon Allan
Julia Bradbury with Plumb Center’s renewables director Simon Allan
TV star Julia Bradbury opened Plumb Center’s Practical Installer Arena at Ecobuild 2014 last week saying the UK can lead the world by building a genuinely low carbon economy.
“The nation’s army of more than 120,000 installers is the key to convincing consumers that energy efficient technologies don’t have to cost the earth, but could save a fortune,” she said.

Julia, best known as the presenter of BBC1’s Countryfile, is about to start a new “passion project” on ITV about how Britain’s landscape and architecture has framed its history. She’s currently renovating a London home, built in the 1800s, using a full range of technologies, including a heat pump, double insulation and rainwater harvesting.

“We’re really trying to keep our running costs low for the future, and that’s why we’re investing in energy and water efficiency now. We must all communicate the benefits to people around the country.
“Plumb Center is supporting installers every step of the way through it’s UK-wide network of more than 500 branches.
“Ecobuild is vital because it’s the largest sustainability trade show in the world. This is where everybody comes and if you’re not here, you’re not going to know what’s going on.”