Go Go Greenio

Installers are being encouraged to sign up for a new online consumer-facing renewables service designed to deliver leads and extra business. has launched today to provide householders with information, calculations, costs and financial support for renewable heating technologies.

According to managing director Anna Wooster, the service will gather leads from consumers interested in the domestic RHI via active online marketing. These in turn are passed on to members, for a subscription fee.

Greenio can also offer a source of finance to customers who may otherwise struggle to meet high upfront costs

“Greenio is perfectly positioned in the renewable energy market to fill the huge gap that exists between installation companies and domestic consumers,” said Anna.

“The way Greenio can help installers is by becoming the central point between you and your clients. Greenio offers a subscription package to become a member of its site and then offers quality leads at competitive rates. Coupled with a 100 percent loan that Greenio can provide to your clients to cope with the initial capital investment of a project, quote conversion rates could increase ten fold.”

She added: “Founded by a former MCS installer, Greenio knows that lead quality is key to achieving longevity and success within this sector. Its online clarification system attains the highest standard possible to ensure interest, and most importantly a potential client at the end of the phone!”