Segen stock triangular panel system

Segen has become the sole distributor of the TriEnergia triangular panel system.

The triangle shaped PV panels from Italian manufacturer TriEnergia, part of CoEnergia, offer opportunities to install PV panels that conform to the shape of almost any roof.

When a TriEnergia system is installed using both the 100W triangle and 200W ‘square’ modules, it enables installers to simultaneously offer consumers more power for the space available and an improved aesthetic appearance.

The all black monocrystalline panels are exclusively available through Segen and are fully supported by Segen’s online designer.

Andy Pegg, ceo of Segen, said: “This is a new and innovative offering for both installers and their customers and we are excited to be able to exclusively offer the TriEnergia system for the first time to UK installers. The unique offering provides installers with the opportunity to re-engage customers who previously lacked roof space or objected to the aesthetics.”