Pollard’s Patter

Plumb Center's head of sustainability Tim Pollard
Plumb Center’s head of sustainability Tim Pollard
Let’s hope when we look back on 2014 we’ll have made major strides towards convincing the public, business and government that the best and only way to effectively cope with energy price inflation (and excess carbon emissions) is to USE LESS ENERGY.

Step 1 – understand where you use your energy.
Step 2 – understand how to reduce your energy demand. In short, generate heat and hot water efficiently, don’t let it escape and only make what you have to.

There we are. We can all rest easy now.

Sadly, of course, there is still much to do to get this message understood, and even more to do in achieving these goals. How can we get people to understand and then transfer that understanding into action? Do we have the right products and the right people to deliver the solutions and provide access to both at the time and place we need them? Is there enough financial incentive to stimulate the demand and supply of more efficient property?

One thing is plain: we are all going to have to work together towards this goal and that might mean some uncomfortable alliances between people not known for being close. We may have to challenge long held conceptions, break down barriers and forge new relationships.

Renewables can, and will, form a part of the solution, but we need to work hard to educate and communicate the real facts about what is possible and appropriate for each individual circumstance.

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