Newform speak out at PV-T exclusion from RHI

Newform Energy has objected to draft legislation which excludes solar thermal panels that also generate electricity from the domestic RHI.

The company argues that this ruling will render PV-T (combined thermal and PV) technology, whereby solar electricity and heat is derived from the same panel, redundant and many installations around the country obsolete. For homeowners, landlords and housing associations who have already installed PV-T panels, this could mean the loss of around £2,400 in income, and extend rates of return by four years.

Anthony Morgan, ceo of Newform Energy, said: “I am absolutely certain that this will undermine the credibility of the industry as a whole in the eyes of the consumer and will be counter-productive to the government’s intention for large scale adoption of solar energy across the UK. On a personal level, our company ethics provide the foundation of our approach to business and this new legislation will effectively mean that we have mis-represented the benefits of our products to hundreds of our customers.

“We are one of a number of UK green technology SMEs who are leading the world in the development of PV-T technology and who are actively supported by the government with large amounts of investment in the form of ‘DECC Innovation’ and ‘Regional Growth’ Funds. The government’s planned legislation contradicts its policy to promote home grown innovation and carbon mitigation technologies and I would urge all other industry stakeholders to express their concerns at the earliest available opportunity.”