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The consolidation of the PV industry means that professional training continues to be highly sought after by clients and renewable energy companies alike, with both established professionals and new entrants looking to take advantage of the potential that PV offers, reports the European Energy Centre

Professional bodies such as the European Energy Centre (EEC), who run training courses and conferences organised with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), have been supporting professionals within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors for nearly 40 years. In 2013, the free-to-join EnergyCPD Professional Membership Programme was launched to respond to the call for greater recognition of professionals and students in the solar and renewable energy sectors. This free Programme enables its members to progress their careers and gain recognition in the industry, by qualifying progressively as AEEC, MEEC and ultimately achieving Mastership Status in EnergyCPD.

How the EnergyCPD Programme works
The Programme has seen membership requests increase rapidly due to the renewed focus by governments on the renewable energy and energy efficiency agenda, because career development is now necessary to keep pace with this fast-growing industry. The EnergyCPD Professional Membership Programme supports its members by providing a structured programme of CPD Activities for Progression and developing a network of like-minded individuals to face the growing pace of change and increasing need for dialogue between professionals in the global renewable energy sector. To become a member, visit www.energyCPD.co.uk

Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) – leading recognition
The GMC provides additional recognition for professionals within the industry – awarded in Europe since 1975 and also provided by the EEC. The short training courses are taught by leading experts and designed for busy professionals aiming to refresh their knowledge. The PV course has been compiled to suit all participants, from installers to consultants, electricians and students.

Expert lecturers have designed the EEC courses in line with the European Project EMTEU – Energy Management Technician in Europe – to suit new entrants to the industry and existing installers. Targeting both groups in the same classroom environment has also provided the opportunity for networking among participants and the experts. University Professor John Wilson, a lecturer of EEC courses, said: “It is no surprise that PV training is popular because photovoltaic systems are attractive to people with widely varying backgrounds due to their fit and forget image. Participants on EEC courses range from engineers to others with no prior technical experience, and from the course they all gain a better understanding of PV technology and of codes for safe practice.”

With 40 years of experience, we know how to tailor courses to benefit busy professionals. Short two day courses are held at major universities across the UK, along with online Distance Learning courses at the EECAcademy for participants from the UK and beyond, who cannot travel to course locations.

Learning Pathways create highly trained experts
The PV training provided by the EEC is supported by learning pathways which are creating highly trained experts able to progress their careers in the green energy sector. The Renewable Energy Expert Certificate is made up of three courses and provides industry professionals with a broad knowledge of renewable energy technologies, to expand their installation advice beyond the limitations of one technology. The learning pathways aim to build on the EEC’s commitment to promote best practice in renewable energy educational activities with its partners, who include the United Nations (UNEP), the international IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP) and leading universities in Europe.