A-Class of its own

Dimplex A-Class air source heat pump
Dimplex Renewables has launched A-Class ASHP.

Made in the UK, Dimplex says it is designed specifically to maximise year-round heating system efficiency in a UK climate, it is fully operational at temperatures as low as -15ºC and outperforms the Heat Emitter Guide with a maximum flow temperature of 65ºC – unlike many heat pumps which can only heat water to 55ºC.

A-Class also offers impressive CoPs including 4.7 at the industry standard testing level (air 7ºC, water 35ºC) and a CoP of 2.7 at air 2ºC, water 55ºC.

Clare Campbell, product marketing manager for Dimplex Renewables, said: “With energy bills continuing to rise and the RHI set to come into force in spring, heat pumps are becoming an increasingly attractive home heating solution.

“A-Class is a genuine market-leading product in terms of performance and a significant development for the air source heat pump market. It will enable home owners to benefit from improved efficiency, lower running costs and reliable performance together with the financial incentives on offer through RHI.

“Even at 55ºC water flow temperature, it outperforms the Heat Emitter Guide’s assumed SPF for 35ºC, which goes some way to demonstrate the performance of this product.”