Small is beautiful

ENER-G E50 CHP system
ENER-G has shrunk its 50kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit by 30 percent – making it the smallest and lightest unit in its fleet.

According to ENER-G, the new E50 gas fired CHP packs the same power, 90 percent efficiency and reliability of its predecessor, while matching previous ease of service and maintenance, and quietness of operation.

Typical applications for the E50 are small hotels, mixed use developments and small district heating schemes.

“In  creating the new compact unit, we were mindful of retaining sufficient space for ease of maintenance, which is a feature of all our CHP systems”, said Chris Marsland, technical director for ENER-G Combined Power.

“Our service team were fully involved in  the new product development process  and we were able to design in, simulate and test our service and maintenance requirements. In this way we ensured that space was fully optimised and  that this important feature wasn’t compromised.

“When you consider that an average CHP system could be serviced five or six times a year, it is critical to consider ease and economy of aftercare, which on a system of this size could add up to the original capital cost over the 15 year plus lifetime of the asset.”