Kingspan moves into ‘free’ solar

Kingspan has launched a fully-funded solar energy solution to enable more businesses to benefit from lower electricity costs.

Kingspan Energy offers a 100 percent funded solution, with no upfront cost or capital risk to the end client. In return for a 25 year lease on the roof space, Kingspan will design, project-manage, install and maintain a bespoke PV system. The electricity generated by the system will be available to the host company at lower rates than would otherwise be supplied from the grid.

“We’ve launched Kingspan Energy to allow businesses and building owners the opportunity to maximise the use of their roof space to generate rooftop power for their own benefit, thus reducing their energy costs and enhancing the value of their property without the need for any upfront capital outlay,’’ said Gilbert McCarthy, md of Kingspan Insulated Panels.

“More importantly, because of our expertise as building envelope market leaders, we can offer a comprehensive guarantee, making the proposition virtually risk-free for UK businesses with suitable roof space.”