TSSG and NTT DATA collaborate on ‘Big Data’ research

ntt data
Japanese and Irish researchers have jointly been developing new technology which, they say, could lead to cheaper electricity prices.

Both NTT DATA and TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) have collaborated on an energy management system aimed at overcoming the issue of matching demand for electricity with the intermittent supply of renewable energy.

Masanobu Nishimura, project director at NTT DATA explains more.

REI: So Masanobu, can you tell us a bit more about what the project is looking to achieve?
MN: NTT DATA has partnered with TSSG because it is a world leader in adaptive networks and services. Our combined expertise on this project is focused on developing an energy management solution using big data analytics. It will improve predictions in market intelligence of electricity demand, pricing and renewable energy generation. The goal of the project is to address the global uncertainties of matching future electricity supply with consumer demand.

Research is at the very core of NTT DATA and our partnership expansion strategy with institutes such as TSSG helps explore advanced technologies and innovate for the future.

REI: Why has Ireland been chosen for the research programme?
MN: Ireland is at the forefront of renewable energy generation, which served as an attractive test-bed for demonstrating the viability of reliance on renewable energy. A model was developed allowing energy suppliers to predict energy demand for every 15 minutes in the next 24 hours, using historical and weather data. By doing this, unforeseen factors are reduced, safeguarding the stability of a national grid infrastructure.

These techniques can be applied for Japan, where there are significant opportunities in the electricity generation sector, driven by the impending liberalisation and expansion of the electricity market.

REI: What are the next steps in the project?
MN: The prediction model will provide a platform to pass on savings to consumers during times of optimal renewable generation.

Moving forward, NTT DATA will be expanding the collaborative research based on the results so far. A live experiment and feasibility study will be the scope for the next phase.  NTT DATA will be continuing to undertake further research to develop this solution, which will support the energy management business.