Mitsubishi launches heat pump calculator

056 Heat pump calculator
Mitsubishi Electric has launched a dedicated Ecodan selection tool following the government’s announcement last week that heat pumps are now included in the non-domestic RHI.

All systems installed from the 4th December are now eligible to claim the tariffs from spring 2014. The non-domestic tariffs are also paid on the total energy delivered, not the renewable energy delivered, as long as the installation achieves a minimum seasonal efficiency level of 2.5.

The new Ecodan selection tool is designed to allow anyone to examine the viability of heat pumps for their building and shows both running cost comparisons against other technologies and payback periods, which take the RHI payments into account.

“We have built this tool to allow anyone to access the relevant information for their project, whether they are a homeowner, a consultant, a contractor or an individual business,” said John Kellett, general manager of the company’s heating division.

“There is a mass of information concerning RHI and we wanted to ensure that people considering their options can cut through all this so that they can access all of the information needed to allow them to find the best solution for their own individual situation.”

Details are available at the following address: