Magic Thermodynamic Box Company makes GGF presentation

Peter Grey (left), chairman of the GGF and Malcolm Strattford, technical advisor at The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company
The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company was recently invited to make a presentation on the virtues of thermodynamics to members of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).

The company’s technical advisor, Malcolm Strattford, spoke at a meeting of the GCF’s Renewable Energy Group on Tuesday 03 December 2013 at the Arden Hotel, Solihull.

The GGF also has a Solar Group which meets on a quarterly basis in response to the growing number of GGF companies diversifying into the installation of solar products.

Malcolm focused his presentation on The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company’s product portfolio including the the new Little Magic Box and the Magic Heating Box, explaining how the products work and how they can benefit the GGF members as well as their customers.

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