Government warned not to cut carbon budget

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has urged the government not to reduce the UK’s carbon budget when it comes up for review next year.

A report launched by the CCC clearly states that the UK must stay on course to decarbonise and ‘there is no legal or economic case to loosen the budget’.

Trade body RenewableUK welcomed the pro-renewables report from the government’s own advisory committee. 

Deputy chief executive, Maf Smith, said: “The message from the CCC couldn’t be clearer. If the government is serious about protecting the consumer from future energy price hikes and reducing our carbon emissions then now is not the time to blink.

“With wind being such a crucial part of our future electricity mix, we really need the government to take this message on board and stay the course in order to get us off our unhealthy addiction to dirty fossil fuels, and the volatile prices they bring.”