Call to include gas absorption heat pumps in RHI

The UK’s leading gas absorption heat pump (GAHP) developers are calling on DECC to include the technology in the RHI scheme.

In a position paper formally submitted to government departments today, they argue that GAHPs can deliver cost and carbon reductions, without loss of comfort or costly infrastructure upgrades.

GAHPs are certified as a renewable technology at EU level and its role in decarbonising heat supply is recognised in the government’s heat strategy. While an electric heat pump uses an electric driven compressor, a GAHP uses gas to drive the heat transfer process.

Baxi, British Gas, Calor and Robur have therefore decided to undertake a joint initiative to work with policy stakeholders to deliver the long-term strategic potential for the technology. The main objectives of this initiative are:

• Achieving RHI eligibility and inclusion in the next formal non-domestic RHI review; RHI support is key in order to kick-start the GAHP market and enable a level playing field with other low carbon heating solutions in the UK.

• Receiving increased policy recognition in Scotland’s Heat Generation Policy Statement which is expected to be published early 2014.

• Increasing awareness, visibility and exposure for GAHPs and their potential to contribute to the attainment of energy strategy objectives.

DECC has scheduled in next non-domestic RHI review for 2014. If GAHPs are not included following this review then the next opportunity will be 2017.