UK domestic PV approaches 500,000 mark

Solar panel installation
Latest data from DECC on PV installations shows that nearly 460,000 homes across the UK now have solar panels.

With a combined peak capacity of 1.3GW, domestic installs make up the largest sub-sector of the UK solar market.  

As the number of households approaches the 500,000 mark, the STA says the figures are particularly pertinent given the anger expressed at energy price rises recently announced by the majority of the big six suppliers.

STA ceo Paul Barwell said: “Barely a day goes past without widespread anger about ever-rising energy bills. Nearly half a million UK homes are now much less exposed to frustrating energy bill rises because they have chosen to go solar. It’s a particularly clever choice right now because the returns are excellent. People who are fed up with their energy supplier could do no better than to switch to supplying themselves with solar power on their roof.

“The more people that invest in solar power today, the quicker the price comes down tomorrow. We need to keep going down this path until solar power is cheaper than retail electricity prices and eveyone can have access to cheap, green power and stable energy bills.

“Renewables are now giving the customer the real option to switch away from environmentally damaging and increasingly scarce fossil-fuels. The old energy sources are running out and putting our future at risk – switch to solar!”